A timely differential diagnosis saves hips.
The infantile hip can be affected by various diseases.

  • Hip synovitis: clinical picture of pain and lameness similar to Perthes. Here there is no injury to the bone.
  • Painful hip: clinical picture of pain with no apparent cause.
  • Meyer’s disease: this is a Perthes of small area and without sequelae.
  • Leg length discrepancy: this is a difference in length of the lower limbs that causes lameness but no pain.
  • Lower limb deformities: many diseases deform the legs and require early treatment to prevent them from appearing or correct them if they have already happened.
  • Multiple epiphyseal dysplasia: similar to Perthes but affects other joints.
  • Slipped femoral epiphysis, SCF: slippage of the hip that begins in adolescence and requires treatment to reduce the consequences.
  • Developmental hip dysplasia, DDH: congenital hip dislocation when the hip is misplaced. It begins at birth.

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