escuela de familias

Your recovery starts here

We have been treating Perthes disease for more than 30 years. Our extensive experience allows us to obtain the best results.

We are a team that knows the needs of children with Perthes disease and can offer the latest treatments.

Close care for families around the world

Families with Perthes disease cases need close and real care and comprehensive information about the process.

We make it easy for families all over the world.

We offer:

  • Communication and Accessibility
  • Comfort and privacy for families
  • Multidisciplinary case assessment
  • Empowerment of families
  • Documentary support and management

Let us know your concerns, we are here to help you.


Tips before the operation

Correct preparation is important:

  • Previous medical consultation with the Pediatric Anesthesiology Service of the hospital.
  • Fasting for 6 hours before surgery.
  • Washing of the area to be operated with plenty of soap and water.
  • Shave the skin in case of abundant hair at least 12 hours before.