Nuestro campeón de esquí acuático tras la cirugía reconstructiva

Our water ski champion after reconstructive surgery.



You may not reach your goal today, but you are closer to achieving it. NO ONE SAID VICTORY WAS EASY, BUT MANY PERTHIANS BECAME CHAMPIONS. Sport helps children overcome frustrations, become more confident, improve self-esteem and become stronger in the face of defeat. Help them to overcome Perthes and to realize that patience and waiting for healing always pays off. Overcoming the disease will come soon and then a new path will open up. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW YOU START, BUT HOW YOU FINISH.
Fulbolista del Santander que precisó ser operado de Perthes

Santander  footballer who required Perthes surgery

Don’t give up when they say don’t run, don’t jump. Think positively by watching other Perthians who went on to not only enjoy sport, but to become champions.

The more you dream, the further you go. Don’t set limits for yourself.

We want to share with you some cases of Perthes that after a surgical treatment by our specialists, have been able to develop a full sporting life CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THEM FOR THE EFFORT MADE TO OVERCOME THIS DISEASE.

Let us know your concerns, we are here to help you.

Nuestro campeón gimnasta tras años de ser operado de la cadera con Perthes.

Nuestro campeón Futbolista metiendo gol.

Nuestro campeón gimnasta tras años de ser operado de la cadera con Perthes.

Madridista ganador operado de la cadera por Perthes.

Gimnasta campeón CCMM que sufrió perthes a los 5 años.