Perthes disease always heals.

  • The question is whether it will eventually do so with a spherical head, just like a wheel, it needs to be spherical in order not to wear out..
  • Non-spherical heads will eventually lead to osteoarthritis of the hip.
pronostico excelente cuando la cabeza no se sale del acetabulo1

FACTORS of good prognosis

  • Age at onset less than 4 years
  • Partial head involvement
  • Little or no femoral head collapse.
  • Reduced hip at all times within the acetabulum.
FACTORS of poor prognosis
  • Age at onset greater than 8 years
  • Head collapse greater than 50%.
  • Subluxation of the hip
  • Do NOT do and wait philosophy

The prognosis will be excellent if we know how to detect a head at risk, and apply current correct techniques. An operation is an hour in the operating room, no action is a life with hip pain. Correct treatment in time avoids future suffering and disability.
Waiting with risk is condemning the child to pain.
Advanced Diagnostic and Assessment Unit in Perthes’ disease.